See how our 30+ years of experience led us to creating virtual verification technology. 


Our goal was through all these years to make computer based ergonomic analysis more simple, easy to use and fast. VHE GmbH's founders created the first virtual human model in 1981. Later they participated in almost all of the ergonomical projects in Europe from the ANYBODY through RAMSIS till the time of CharAT Ergonomics.


Virtual Human Engineering GmbH's  R&D Center, located in Germany, designs and develops virtual ergonomy systems with fresh perspectives and real solutions for our customers’ high-tech challenges. 



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Reference projects (1981- 2010)


Why choose VHE GmbH? The virtual reality and ergonomy industry is changing with new technologies, the influence of IT, more sophisticated end-users, and increasing competition.

Discover through our reference projects, the choice of professionals who have trusted the VHE GmbH.




Avatar history


Everything began with an utopia: the human body in the virtual space. From the viewpoint of the modern computers, the tools of the 80’s were primitive and the result, the OSCAR was also very simple but it worked and turned out to be a pioneer. This dream guided us to our current developments, like the Virtual Verification Technology and the high-tech version of the first digital human models.







After the successful creation and design of the the first Virtual Reality Human Engineering System,  the Byte Magazine gave the Best of Byte Award in 1996 to the founder of Virtual Human Engineering GmbH.


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