– Kurt Vonnegut


Science and art


is coeval with humanity. Scientists and artists work to reveal the secrets of the universe while make it more comfortable for us, humans.




is not just a science, but more a form of an art that puts the human in the center. We live in the age of renaissance of ergonomic design and of constant change. We create and develop everything for our shape and for our form, searching for perfection. Every part of our life should be more pleasant, well designed and fluid to help us, humans reach our goals and live a more relaxed and complete life.


We have to create and design the future with responsibility and respect – respect of our body, to each other and our environment.


Companies and organizations strive to be more dynamic in a demanding age of technology advancement. The new challenges for high-tech product design, emphasizing safety, comfort, and energy consumption make the companies to change the ordinary designing methods.


Virtual Human Engineering GmbH.

develops ergonomic tools to help companies, experts, and designers place the human in the center.


We are ready to be challenged. We are ready to help you change the world and explore the future of design.



Research and development in the field of Information Technology (IT) of Ergonomics, Industrial Design and New Media, as well as the education and consultation in these specialities and the distribution of coherent software products and solutions.

The Human in sight


Ergonomics aims to improve productivity of work systems and to reduce the loads acting on the working humans. We would like to provide you with the ergonomic planning of human friendly products and workplaces.


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Our objectives are:


  • optimization of human/machine system,


  • increasing the performance of the system,


  • increasing the reliability of the system with the help of the Virtual Reality Simulation Environment;


  • modelling and simulation of human bodies;


  • simulation of human behaviour and human signals.



  • Advanced Information Technology (AIT) (Digital Mock-Up)

  • Human Engineering (Ergonomics)

  • Virtual Reality and Simulations-Technology

  • Development of Human Engineering Software


  • Industrial design

  • Computer Graphics

  • 3D content development, visualizing & special effects(3dsMAX)

  • 3d modeling, cinematics, rigging, texturing, animation

  • Computer Aided Design CAD Engineering Data Management (EDM) in Intranet and Internet environment.

  • Advanced Information Technology (AIT) (Digital Mock-Up)

  • Human Engineering (Ergonomics)

  • Virtual Reality & Simulation Technology

  • Development of automatic software testing systems

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