For the successful design and creation of the first Virtual Reality Human Engineering System, called ANTHROPOS, the co-workers of Fraunhofer Institute earned the Best of Bytes Award in Munich, 1996.  Andreas Rössler, Roland Blach, Csaba Szeredy and László Ördögh created the first real time virtual reality worker and the Byte Magazine gave the Best of Byte Award 1996 for this scientific and art achievement.


BestByte big_oksize.jpg

"The virtual working class was born with this system" remembers László Ördögh. "Andreas (Rössler) took the Award, since we had a deadline of a big project, as usual" laughs the awarded professional, who actually missed the awarding.

"Byte magazine was a microcomputer magazine, influential from the late 1970s and throughout the 1980s because of its wide-ranging editorial coverage (...) Whereas many magazines from the mid-1980s had been dedicated to the MS-DOS (PC) platform or the Mac, mostly from a business or home user's perspective, Byte covered developments in the entire field of "small computers and software", and sometimes other computing fields such as supercomputers and high-reliability computing. Coverage was in-depth with much technical detail, rather than user-oriented. By 1990 it was a monthly about an inch in thickness, a readership of technical professionals, and it was the "must-read" magazine of the popular computer magazines." (Source: Archive.org)
The award is still presented in the Fraunhofer Institute, Germany.






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