CharAT Ergonomics


CharAT Ergonomics is a 3dsMAX 2014 Plugin created by Virtual Human Engineering GmbH. It is designed for ergonomic analysis and the shaping of technology used by people. It is used as an intelligent tool for DIGITAL MOCK UP by ergonomists, engineers, designers, workplace designers as well as architects and interior decorators and also in research and academic education.

The name CharAT stands for „Character animation tool (for) ergonomics“. Character animation means high-quality design of an animated figure. In this case it stands for a human model, that represents human properties. Special attention lies on ergonomic use. Therefore the human model CharAT-Ergonomics realizes human properties computer-aided, which are important for the consideration of ergonomic requirements in a certain creative context. CharAT-Ergonomics helps to plan and evaluate ergonomic problem solutions through the usage of ergonomic tools.


User friendliness and the usability of complex products are an important advantage in the market. For optimal profit it is important to design products that are both comfortable and safe to use. Especially during the early phases of product design, when the physical product is not always available, it often difficult to optimally shape the product to how humans will eventually use it. Digital ergonomic simulations use human models that replicate real life situations as closely as possible. This methodology allows for early design phase ergonomic simulations to determine the usability and user friendliness of the product.




The highest degree of user friendliness


CHarAT offers a human simulation model. Using this model, ergonomically related questions can be answered long before the construction of a physical prototype. This saves valuable product design time and cost. With the help of virtual human models, key features of accessibility and manageability can be studied, positioning and comfort analysis can be carried out and the field of sight reasonably judged. The interactive simulations enable you to learn more about the loads and to see them directly through the high quality visualization of the geometry of the human body. Through specific anthropometric population databanks simulations can be carried out depending on the type of a person. This allows product decisions to be made faster and any expensive physical test can be reduced. CHarAT Ergonomics allows for ergonomic simulations to be carried out under different specialities and conditions.




Ready for Your Challenge




CHarAT: Ergonomics provides all the necessary functionality to ensure the virtual human successfully integrates into your product design process. Additionally, CHarAT is easily learnt and can be easily adjusted to  your specific tasks. The biomechanical human model can be flexibly configured for graphic representation of the points and lines of joints. The statistical data used for the simulations is based on national and internationally recognised anthropometric data bases. This enables worldwide usage.




There is a wide range of applications for Ergonomics. From workplace design, through the assessment of installation accessibility and maintenance to the research on usability, the possibilities are unlimited. When it comes to the design, development and production of user friendly products, Ergonomics meet all expectations. For example, in vehicles the position of seats and the accessibility of the dashboards can be tested; in machine manufacturing, operating elements can be studied at an early stage whether they are safe to use; in the service sector, studies can be carried out whether an accessory is easy and fast to replace or not. Buildings can also benefit from Ergonomics as the whole usability of a structure can be tested in an early stage.




  • Reduces the time and cost expenditure during the whole life cycle of the product

  • Easy adjusting of the human model

  • Consideration of branch specified enlargement

  • Early stage control of assembly and service features

  • Safety and comfort analysis

  • Reduces the number of prototypes

  • Reduction of expensive physical tests

  • Enhancement of user friendliness





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