At VHE GmbH we have the know-how to ensure a successful process and result – from the moment when the very first idea is developed into a business case and later when the design brief is done,  until the first product is ready for production. 



Measuring our results

It is always important for us to deliver high quality

production-related services. We measure our results

according to function, aesthetics, sustainability,

energy consumption, operation and maintenance,

as well as economy.

VHE client consultancy disciplines


  • Preparation of design process
  • Planning
  • Project development
  • Analysis of the design
  • Construction management

What are the key benefits?


  • Skilled employees who add value to your company

  • Improved processes and communications

  • Enhanced competitiveness in today’s fast-paced and evolving marketplace



Client consultancy services

We offer consultancy services to our clients who needs  support, training or consultancy with the verification process. In this role, we act on behalf of the client to empower CEOs, engineers, and contractors to design and build their product

or system. Our job is to act in the best interest of the customer, focusing on obtaining the client’s objectives and ensuring qualified cooperation between the parties involved. Monitor the services of others and take corrective actions when required.

Client Support services


We provide substantial benefits such as same time zone support, country-specific localization skills, enhanced mobility and ability to service projects that require access to sensitive data.


Client Training services


On firm-specific seminars we provide information on using our systems. Sessions are available to help you and your company learn more about how our products work safe and have the best performance by everyday use.







vhe_Charat ERGO_1000px.jpg


Virtual Human Engineering Ltd. is at your service by providing various training programs in the field of ergonomics. During these training programs we highlight the various technical aspects of ergonomics and the physical abilities of man. The training offered by Virtual Human Engineering Ltd. allows you to get an insight in the CharAT Software-Packet and to learn the use of the software in the shortest time and the most efficient way. The training can be tailored to the needs of both beginners and experienced users.






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