Virtual Human Engineering Ltd. offers the best ergonomic solutions for your product design. If ergonomic analysis should only occasionally be carried out in your company and there are no extensive tasks in this field, and consequently it is not profitable to purchase the complete software package, then we are with our comprehensive ergonomic software solutions at your aid in the form of services. We carry the ergonomic analysis during your product development process out in order to ensure a high standard of comfort and quality and greater usability of your product.




What specific problems can
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  • specification of a user group that is tailored to your markets and products

  • design and analysis of workplaces taking into account very large and very small users

  • specification of the optimal static and dynamic space requirement

  • definition of optimal postures

  • calculation of optimal positions of construction parts and the necessary adjustment ranges

  • detailed visibility analysis

  • analysis of operating action forces

  • accessibility of control devices and adjustment range specification


The analysis is performed in conformity with DIN, EN and ISO standards.

1.A definition of all relevant human engineering requirements and      standards

1.B identification of the target user group

1.C coordination of required resources

1.D declaration of research goals

1.E definition of data management methods

1.F definition of the required virtual assembly


2.A building and necessary modifications of the virtual analysis        


2.B placing of test user group in position (posture, animation)

2.C execution of the necessary tests, measurements and analysis


3. modification of product design according to needs-> modification of the             assembly and of components


4.A extraction of all relevant results

4.B evaluation and documentation









CharAt is a multifunctional software system and it can be used also for simulating the mechanics of the human body. Generally companies are addressing the ergonomic aspects of manual operations during the early stages of product design and manufacturing planning. The CharAt-system enables you to test your product without actually manufacturing it, only about the virtual model. This costs you less than verificating and validating your product after the production. To exploit all the possible ergonomical aspects of your product, CharAt uses digital human models. You can test your designs and operations for a wide variety of human factors, including injury risk, user comfort, reachability, and every important parameters.



With Charat you can


  • Comprehensive suite of ergonomic analysis tools
  • Avoid extra costs by manufacturing or re-manufacturing your product – you need just the digital plans
  • Calable human figures that are anthropometrically and biomechanically accurate, with unprecedented detail efficiently
  • Do ergonomic analysis of your global workforce using country-specific population databases and advanced anthropometric scaling
  • Improve compliance with ergonomic standards during product design and manufacturing engineering stages
  • Easely import/export data in various formats
  • Run the software on multiple platforms: PC, laptop.



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