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Support self service: every useful information on the site of ergotyping


Ergotyping is  a coinage from Ergonomie and Prototyping.Ergotyping®. This is a generic term for the use of methods and digital tools for analyze, verify and valuate the ergonomic aspects in Digital Prototyping. Ergotyping is a copyright of TU Dresden (Technische Universität Dresden Institut für Technische Logistik und Arbeitssysteme Professur für Arbeitswissenschaft). On this Ergotyping site of Dr. Christiane Kamusella (TU Dresden) you can find every information about the use of CharAT and much more (all external link in German).



CharAT: Tutorials and how to do
Basic functions of CharAT             


Corrective ergonomy


Prospective ergonomy





General Informations about virtual engineering









Theory of ergotyping



Main phases                                          


Iterative Process




Product Ergonomy


Security and health protection


Aspects of ergonomy



Ergotyping tools
Sight analysis                                      


Body forces



other Documentation and resources





CharAT Ergonomics Users Manual


CharAT Ergonomics




Publication: Cruzbike Cuervo & Vendetta Project 2011

CharAT Machine






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